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Junior Docs

May 13, 2019

Brian and Dush chat about strategies to improve the way you write discharge summaries. These are time consuming, but incredibly important documents in ensuring continuity of care. They discuss strategies on how to write discharge summaries in an organised and efficient fashion. 

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Apr 28, 2019

Dush sits down with Mark (Anaesthetics Registrar and Pharmacist in a previous life) to chat about how to manage acute pain on the wards. This is one of the most common clinical reviews for junior doctors on the ward. Mark provides listeners with a wonderful framework to approach the patient in pain.

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Apr 14, 2019

Recorded at the SMACC Conference. Dush sits down with Dr. James Milligan, an Emergency and Aeromedical Retrieval Consultant. James chats about how an intern should approach a rotation in the Emergency Department. 

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Apr 2, 2019

Dush sits down with Alice, an Interventional Neuroradiology Fellow, to discuss career pathways. Alice reflects on her own incredible journey through multiple medical specialities, and encourages listeners to not be afraid of taking 'unconventional pathways' to find their place in medicine. 

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Apr 1, 2019

Recorded at the SMACC Conference. Dush sits down with Dr. Andrew Davies, an Intensive Care Consultant from Melbourne. In a brutally honest and raw interview, Andrew discusses his experience with burnout. He provides advice to junior doctors about how to avoid what he experienced. 

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