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Junior Docs

Feb 23, 2019

With Brian being away on a rural secondment, Dush sits down with two new interns who have been rostered to provide after-hour ward cover for their first few weeks of internship. Wendy and Hamish provide a valuable insight in to what an after-hours shift is really like. They talk about their successes, their challenges...

Feb 18, 2019

Brian and Dush reflect on the importance of continuing your medical education whilst you work. It can be very challenging, but there are time efficient strategies that you can employ. 

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Feb 9, 2019

Dush and Brian chat about strategies to manage the days your team (medical or surgical) is post-take. These are busy days, with lots of new patients and lots of jobs. Though, there are simple strategies you can employ to navigate your way through them!


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Feb 3, 2019

Brian and Dush chat about the challenges associated with the after-hours shift and how to triage clinical reviews and jobs. We discuss the importance of knowing your support structures, focussing on your well being and a method to perform efficient and comprehensive clinical reviews. 

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